#cultfinds – Did you know? Daschbosch

“Old vines and the wines they make are a monument to the farmer’s love of his or her land.”– Rosa Kruger.

The farm Daschbosch was established in the Breedekloof Valley in 1754. Today the name represents the premium range of wines from the largest wine business in the Breedekloof with 65 grower-shareholders, made from only 60ha of their vast 3000ha under vine.

The sites used in this range represent some of the finest in the Breedekloof, ranging from over 100 years in age (the Gevonden vineyard is one of only ten vineyards in the country over 100 years of age) to niche plantings of Clairette Blanche, as demonstrated in their celebrated Avon bottling. We know we keep harping ON about the Breedekloof, but before the establishment of the Breedekloof Makers in 2014, the area was merely seen as ‘Ander kant die berg’ (The other side of the mountain), known for large scale production of wine. What they neglected to tell us then was how OLD, rare, and FINE some of the sites were. And what they have done since then. Is to highlight, experiment, and perfect wines from these stand-out vineyards. Daschbosch chief among the makers.

As such, we are proud to welcome the Daschbosch range of wines onto our portfolio and invite you to share in these true Cult Finds from some of the most honest boere out there. With the deft hand of winemaker WS Visagie, his knowledge of the area, combined with that of their growers – you are bound to discover a few gems from the Valley.#CultFinds

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